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Bit territories - Examples of the best

by Joao Bernardo De Castro

After a period of positive expectations about the implications of the Information Communication Technologies (ICT's), now we assist to a more sceptic attitudes related to this issues.The possible reasons can be the high level of expectations generated in the citizens; the breakdown period of the new economy; the impossibility to give clear guidelines about the future by the scientists and politics. The work field is plenty of question marks.

From this initial point (the bit), we plan to create the discussion about some crucial topics to the urban and regional development: Is it possible to use the ICT's in order to generate more competitive and liveable spaces? Is it possible to implement ICT's programs and policies in an inclusive way, in order to avoid the digital gap between the have and the have not's? Why is so necessary to keep together different social agents like Research Centres, Public Bodies, Private Enterprises, Local Communities to implement ICT's programmes? What are the major problems that nations and urban spaces have to face in the future? Problems related with the infrastructures? Problems concerned to the education with education and technologies? The both together?

There are a lot of people deeply involved in this aspects. Not only in the Research Centres, but in several countries from different continents; mainly volunteers, with the purpose to bring the ICT's closer to the local population. A very positive perspective. There is no doubt that we are crossing territories of positive (volunteer actions, new technical programs...) and negative (social inequities, cyber terrorism...) polarities. This Topic, aims to be an open space of discussion and exchanges experiences, a space constantly updated, wehere our readers can give their contribution by sending comments, suggestions, news, links ...

In this section you will find a series of best practices projects. A place where it is possible to see what is happening around the world. The projects are divided in 4 main groups:
Example of the best in rural areas ; in urban areas; promoted by world organisations/ foundations; promoted by private companies.

In the most remote places in India, Kenya, Nigeria or Peru, we find people working hard every day to eliminate the information inequalities. Indeed, it is not difficult to be positive contaminated by the spirit of these initiatives. Step by step, we all hope that is possibly to give a step forward towards a more inclusive world with the help of the most advanced Technologies of Information and Communication.