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Miciap Journal of Urban Photography #13</br>Cover

Issue #13 - AUTUMN/2012, 2012

from Milano Città Aperta

Milano Città Aperta | Journal of Urban Photography

This is a special edition. First of all because it was born from the collaboration between Miciap and the International review Popoli ( In march 2012 we got the proposal to try to describe the multiculturalism of Milan by Photography. This work will be included in the wider scene of the "Milano al Plurale" Festival, which is going to take place from the 3rd to the 6th of October 2012. A question came out right spontaneously: is it possible to tell "Milano al Plurale" just through the eye of one or more professional photographers? Don't we risk to trust in an outsider-point-of-view trying to tell a cultural difference of which photographers can just be the spectators?
Trying to tell "Milano al Plurale" we decided to follow a new and different way called Participatory Photography. The aim is not only to describe a multicultural reality, but to give it some voice, asking to those who live and create such a multiculturalism to get involved personally. In this way some young immigrants living in Milan, who knew little or nothing about Photography, have been followed in the difficult work of building up an autobiographic narration using images. For one month and half, under the eye of Daniele Pennati (creator and coordinator of this project), they showed their lives and then slowly they concentrated about one single aspect or event to be told in an organic way.
That's how personal stories emerged. Pieces of different lives. This one is a very special edition, then. Most of all because it is done by "non-photographers" who could anyway build up some real narrations about their being foreigners and about their way of looking and living the city, even if they produced some naif and technically unperfect images. Stories where it suddendly comes out a very strong difference in the used "language". A difference which is perfectly able to tell the many individualities that produced these stories.
The images realised during the Partecipative Photography course will be published on our online magazine and on the next editorial of Popoli in November; they will also be showed on October 6th, during the closing event of "Milano al Plurale" Festival. Many thanks then to Popoli who helped us to experiment doing this project.
Have a nice vision.

• Volontari
by Carolina Guerra
Those who live far away from the family carry some melancholy with themselves. Carolina transformed it into enthusiasm for the World Family Meeting.
• Comunità
by Ana Cecilia Rivera 
Cecy can't forget her Salvadoran origins, and she documented the life of her Home Country in Milan.
by Artan Kakani
University is the forge for the future and one of the first places of meeting for diversity. The hope of Kalkani is to see realised the prophecy of the "Rainbow Race" starting from the hallways of his University.
• Cittadini
by Ana Elisa Segato 
A park is a neutral place where you can meet faces and people outside from their stories and absorbed from their just "being citizens".
• Una famiglia
by Claudia Guzman
An happy, multiethnic and a little bit chaotic family, and an intimate eye telling its daily life.
• Permanenze
by Christian Flores
Main crossing point ever, the wagon of the Metro line becomes for Christian Flores a metaphoric place for people and stories passing their caducity.

Volontari</br>© Carolina Guerra, Milano 2012 Comunità</br>© Ana Cecilia Rivera, Milano 2012 Classmate</br>© Artan Kakani, Milano 2012 Cittadini</br>© Ana Elisa Segato, Milano 2012 Una famiglia</br>© Claudia Guzman, Milano 2012 Permanenze</br>© Christian Flores, Milano 2012