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miciap #17 cover

Issue #17 - AUTUMN/2013

from Milano Città Aperta

Milano Città Aperta | Journal of Urban Photography

In Issue#17 MilanoCittàAperta is hosting a selection of TeraCity. Milano in transformation, is a workshop project made by the students of the two-year course of photography CFP Bauer, curated by Giampietro Agostini and Sergio Giusti. It's about a journey through the city's history and its memory, with the aim to highlight the dialectics between past and quick change. It's a research that came up to investigate the visible signs of the ongoing transformations, also of a social and anthropological nature.

These past years, Milano has been impacted by massive interventions of urban transformation. Not only in view of the Expo 2015, but also in virtue of large real estate investments, vast areas, central or suburban, are and are going to be completely redesigned. The location of the former Fiera and the Portello, Porta Nuova and the zone around Cascina Merlata, near the Gallaratese district, will be in the future the areas where the ongoing metamorphosis of the contemporary city will be the most evident.

The studies here shown, present the strong impact of this remarkable urban mutation to all those who are cultivating their photographic sight: from the attention to the little details of a newly born construction site, confronted with the vastness of the area in question, to the relation between the new architectures and the preexisting; from the impact on the life of those who live there, to the confrontation with residential neighborhoods already part of the historical heritage; from the realization of the material presence of the new buildings, to the attention towards the increasing "artificialisation" of the city's landscape, more and more similar to a computer simulation. With topographic accuracy or with levity, with irony or curiosity, the various projects reflect the different sensibilities and the different sensations that the observation of these areas conjured up in the students' minds, creating a gallery of original points of view on the city that is changing.


• False reality
by Tommaso Zanetta
Milan, Porta Nuova. A recently constructed district appears as a forced imposition of an impeccable futuristic, almost unreal, compound in the urban texture. 
• The space beyond your glace
by Cristopher Ghioldi
Advertisement signs and computer renderings of construction sites hover over the heads of the milanesi, as warnings of the future mutations of the city.
• Room with a view
by Chiara Badiali
What do the citizens see every day? How do the changes and the urban transformations of Milano appear to them? A journey through of the windows overlooking the city.
• Green in the center
by Gloria Pozzato
A photographic dialogue from the "green" point of view, between the following of seasons and the progress of the construction site work.
• Superstructures
by Alexia Stok
New and old overlap in the double exposures that describe the change in the area of the former fiera in Milan.
• Emerging
by Davide Scalenghe Migliarini
A dense contrast between "macro" and "micro" on the landscape of the location where the new urban area of Expo 2015 will rise.


False Reality </br>© Tommaso Zanetta, Milano, 2013 Lo spazio oltre lo sguardo </br>© Cristopher Ghioldi, Milano, 2012 Camera con vista </br>© Chiara Badiali, Milano, 2013 Il verde al centro </br>© Gloria Pozzato, Milano, 2013 Sovrastrutture </br>©Alexia Stok, Milano, 2013 Emerging</br>© Davide Scalenghe Migliarini, Milano, 2013