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MICIAP #16 Cover

Issue #16 - SUMMER/2013

from Milano Città Aperta

Milano Città Aperta | Journal of Urban Photography

"Let's not pretend that things will change if we keep doing the same things. A crisis can be a real blessing to any person, to any nation. For all crises bring progress. Creativity is born from anguish, just like the day is born form the dark night. It's in crisis that inventive is born, as well as discoveries, and big strategies. Who overcomes crisis, overcomes himself, without getting overcome."
(Albert Einstein)

κρισiς [krìsis in the Latin alphabet] is a traumatic and unstable situation that opens up to change. The word holds within itself a possibility, a choice and a reorganization of ideas and events. What is left is for us to understand is that we are the protagonists. World economic crisis, individual crisis, crisis of groups and of ideologies, radical mutation in our way of thinking of acting and in the way we look at the world. The photo group κρισς, born in November 2012 from a collaboration between Miciap and Macao, is aimed at giving practical sense to this project.

For several months photographers have met and in a completely new and indefinite situation they've looked at images projected in the dark and had faith in the creative confrontation.
The horizontal logic of this discourse has connected people with diverse approaches, and has seriously questioned and enriched the way each one perceives a photographic language.

Κρισiς has a chronologic, dynamic and cyclical nature whose phases can be observed both on a micro and macro level. Accounts of microorganisms, individuals and of populations. These are the phases that shape this issue. Status quo, chaos and escape, six heterogeneous stories and languages that document the outcome of this extraordinary collective experience, born from the light of our demons.


Thanks to Macao and to all participants to the workshop Krìsis. They made possible this publication and the realization of any other initiative connected to the project.

• Urban trenches
by Carlo Rotondo
In Milan live 13.000 homeless but only 2.500 can be aided. This is a story about people who are really hit by the Crisis.
• Temporary Identities
by Andrea Isola
Reflections on identity and work. Revolution is the moment in which people unite until they loose themselves in the everyday behavior of individualistic society.
• On the trail of T-rex
by Brando Cimarosti
A way of escape from the crisis. An uncertain plastic T-rex let us dream, as a child would do with his toys. 
• Distopia
by Tiziano Berti and Edoardo Mozzanega
An amazing journey in the landscape and in the urban unconscious which surround us.
• Within new alterations
by Flavio Moriniello
Crisis as movement and transformation of the person. An intimate work on the change. Panta rei, as the philosopher would say.
• Sensations
by Viridiana Cosenza
As in the mid-nineteenth century Paris here the crisis becomes a starting point for contemplation.


The mezzanine floor subway in Stazione centrale offers 100 beds, which are assigned to the non-profit Associazione Linea Gialla</br>Urban Trenches</br>© Carlo Rotondo, Milano, 2013 A top manager Wind spa meeting</br>Temporary Identities</br>© Andrea Isola, Milano, 2013 On the trail of T-rex</br>© Brando Cimarosti, Milano, 2013 Distopia</br>© Edoardo Mozzanega & Tiziano Berti, Milano, 2013 ... within my eyes colorful dreams, in my active mind, in my constantly moving body, in my angry face ...</br>Within new alterations</br>© Flavio Moriniello, Milano, 2013 Contemplation</br>Sensations</br>© Viridiana Cosenza, Milano, 2013