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A window on: Urban Streets </br> Figure 1

A window on: Urban Streets

Image 1. Octavia Boulevard, San Francisco.
One of the three examples reported in the article

In an effort to adapt cities to automobiles and trucks, traffic engineers introduced the notion of the functional analysis of streets.
Duplicated in many street design manuals, it takes the form of a graph analysing streets as having two functions: mobility or the movement of traffic through an area, and access to land uses along them. The more a street is dedicated to through traffic, the less it should allow access to adjacent land uses.

(ENG) Making Liveable and Sustainable Major Urban Streets: a renaissance for multi-way boulevards *, by Yodan Rofè
La rinascita del boulevard: progettare le strade per la città ‘vivibile’ *, by Yodan Rofè

* All the articles were published also in "Urbanistica" n.130/2006


A window on: Urban Streets </br> Figure 2