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Conference Proceedings
Session 1 | Representation and Perception of the Changing City

Rethinking the relationship between perception and representation can mean re-examine the fundamentals that bind urban landscapes with the universe of images created to interpret, understand, communicate cities.
In an era dominated by the overabundance of images, the analytical strength of visual languages does not seem to be able to master the complexity of transformations acting in and around the city. 

On the other hand the artistic languages continue to wonder about urban subjects fostering the proliferation of endless imaginary. In a broader way we can say that some images can play the role of metaphor for the multiplicity of the looks on the contemporary urban landscape; the zenithal view of the map, the perspective view, the path between the surfaces of the city, summarize some different points of view:from the specific look of architecture and urban planning, to that one at “ground level”, shared by professionals but also by the inhabitants of the city, up to a closer inner city look, that is the sight exploring the maze and, ultimately, trying to unravel the tangled skein of urban living. 

Chairs: Malvina Borgherini, Andrea Giordano

• Data visualisation for the critical interpretation, representation, and communication of the urban image
Piero Albisinni, Laura De Carlo, Valeria Giampà

• Seeing through the eyes of others
Marinella Arena

• An hermeneutic representation of Beograd after Yugoslavia’s wars. Applying Walter Benjamin's hermeneutic today
Mattia Bertin 

• Urban affective anthropometry. Life stories, building stories, city portrait
Malvina Borgherini 

• Videogames and urban visions. Virtual spaces and simulated worlds
Daniele Colistra 

• City perception and distances. Visual strategies of urban anamorphosis
Pierpaolo D’Agostino 

• The theater as urban language. Experiences with the theater of the oppressed in Paris and Rio 
Ana Carolina Lima E Ferreira 

• Merging different languages in urban cartography. A critical methodological introduction
Maria Luisa Giordano 

• Urban transformation scenarios for the representation and dynamic control of new design interventions
Massimiliano Lo Turco, Roberta Spallone

• Paths descriptive of urban complexity
Lia Maria Papa 

Orientation Maps to reform Sensitive Areas in informal settlements. Urban frequencies to reconfigure highly entropic landscapes
Raffaele Pè, Massimo Della Rosa

• The spread of street-art in the South of China. Reflecting on the first Chinese generation subject to the cultural processes of globalization
Francesco Maria Terzago

Virtual city today. A brief note on contemporary virtual dwelling
Maurizio Unali