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Conference Proceedings
Session 3
ICT: Sharing Visions of the City

This theme explores the relationship and role that digital media can have in the representation and experience of urban spaces and places. 
Web-based and geo-social applications are transforming our understanding and interactions that can occur in contemporary urban spaces. We continue to discover opportunities for integrating physical and digital places in ways that connect and enable meaningful engagement between the variety of spaces/places in which we live today.
As a result of the changes introduced by the network and social media, at least two questions become relevant: First, groups of people can communicate more quickly and more easily than in the past, promoting and sharing use of the city and lifestyles (through ICT); In second place, this type of information can result of some use to designers and planners in preparing housing solutions.

The connection between innovative techniques of representation and communication possibilities given by the social networks allow the creation of images, easy to communicate, easy to understand, and ultimately more immediate to share. 


Chairs:  Katharine Willis, Paola Pucci

• New strategies for learning architectural design: a videogame simulating the design process in urban environment
Valeria Bruni, Paola Mellano, Roberta Spallone 

• Urban public space: convergence point of physical and digital evironments. Mapping the accessibility in the ‘knowledge economy’ era
Rossella Ferorelli, Raana Saffari Siahkali  

• Google Street View: image of the urban as raw material
Cheryl R. Gilge

• Text-Space dynamics. The digital media in defining new urban languages
Giulio Lughi 

Smart urbanization: emerging paradigms of sensing and managing urban systems
Venkata Krishna Kumar Matturi

• Digital Mapping: the analysis of the social realm of Urbino
Corinna Morandi, Riccardo Palmieri, Bogdan Stojanovic,  Ludovica Tomarchio

• The urban and the self across three utopias. Mediated representations in urban Vietnam
Paolo Patelli

• Mapping the changing city through mobile phone data
Paola Pucci, Fabio Manfredini, Paolo Tagliolato

• Learning from places: ICTs for EXPO2015 in the Turin-Milan region
Andrea Rolando, Tijana Djordjevic

• Discussion Forums about the city. Images, texts and representation at an urban scale
Matteo Giuseppe Romanato

• A multitude of use-values. Is digital media informing current dynamics of production of public space?
Rodrigo Andres Barrios Salcedo